• Studying opportunities, education, working experience, and voluntary jobs abroad
  • Academic staff and young students in order for them to work or study abroad
  • The development and practice of online education platforms and IT
  • Language learning
  • Skills acknowledgment, including those acquired outside the formal educational system
  • Strategic alliances between educational institutions and youth organisations and with their counterparts in other countries, both in their sector and in many others, seeking that way the promotion of improvements in innovation and quality purposes
  • Knowledge and Sector Skills Alliances, in order to eliminate gaps and promote entrepreneurship by improving educational programmes and qualifications due to the cooperation between labour and educational sectors
  • An efficient loans system to make it possible for graduate students to obtain their master´s degrees in foreign countries
  • The education and investigation about European integration
  • The development, cooperation and exchange of capabilities in the superior education and youth fields all around the world
  • Initiatives to promote pedagogic innovation and progressive political changes in national spectrums through Future Initiatives
  • A proper management of initiatives for sports and against match fixing, doping, violence, racism, and intolerance – especially in grassroots sports

Who could benefit from Erasmus+?

  • Over 4 million young people, students, and adults would acquire vital experience and knowledge due to educational, study, and voluntary programmes in foreign countries through Erasmus+
  • This programme will also support over 125.000 institutions and organisations to cooperate with foreign counterparts, in order to innovate and upgrade teaching practices and youth working. Their common goal will be to guarantee that young people and adults become skillful enough to be successful in our current societies
  • Erasmus+ gathers 7 different programmes, which together with the modification and upgrade of certain rules will make accessing and applying for financial aids much easier than ever before

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What is it for?

  • In the sports field, Erasmus+ programme´s main goal is to support the development, transfer and application of innovative ideas and practices all in European, national, regional, and local scopes.
  • We also hope all these athletic activities will boost the development of a European sports dimension, and the increase of cooperation and collaboration amongst athletic organisations.

What does it entail?

Erasmus+ programme encourages diverse opportunities in the sports field, including the funding of:

  • Partnership-building
  • Non-profit European athletic events
  • Actions strengthening test basis for policies implementation

Who does it target?

This programme is opened to a variety of organisations, including, amongst others:

  • Public athletic entities, athletic organisations, leagues and clubs – at any level, sports unions or representatives, sports and physical activity events promoters, and sports social inclusion organisations