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Who does it target?

All the European Union universities considering sports as a strategic and differential element, wanting to incorporate international students by offering their academic and athletic programmes, and willing to offer benefits and aids to these applicant students-athletes.

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  • Promoting the university due to sports, reaching out to thousands of students and athletes, standing out from the rest of universities due to its sports strategy
  • Attracting students possessing great sports values such as constancy, sacrifice, hard work, and work on behalf of the group – the university in this case
  • Participating in national and international competitions with the university sports teams, developing a positive image and branding that will bring new students because of the connection between studies and sports
  • Promoting the university and its academic and athletic programmes internationally, including information and videos in the University E-Profile of Erasmus+ AGM+ Platform
  • Collaborating with nearby sports clubs and federations in order to maximise university opportunities for local athletes and to offer different training possibilities in the city where the university is located

Universities Responsibilities

  • Creation and maintenance of sports teams within the university that include a sports strategy, coaching staff, and sports and competition travelling budgets
  • Participation of the university in regional and national competitions, both in individuals and teams formats
  • Offering university sports facilities to athletes or finding clubs nearby the university where students can carry on their training
  • Athletic scholarships and other aids to athletes attending the university and representing its sports teams
  • Commitment with the student by university board of directors, together with the support of different university departments
  • Incorporation of the Spartan Race into the university, in order to introduce the sports world to the diverse university faculties
  • Designation of a university athletic director, who manages athletes recruiting and the different sports teams representing the university