Università degli Studi di Sassari

Università degli Studi di Sassari
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Country: Italy
City: Sassari
Address: Piazza Università, 21
Zip Code: 07100
Type of university: Public
Number of students: 13757
International students orientation day: 12/04/2017
First day of classes: 12/04/2017
Last day of classes: 15/04/2017
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Sassari is a student-tailored city, with an active social life animated by the Erasmus Student Network and other student associations, who are very prolific with ideas and activities. Well connected to many Italian and European airports, Sassari is located in Sardinia, an island which is commonly regarded as one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean region. Its natural and cultural peculiarities enrich the unforgettable experience that both students and visiting professors enjoy during their stay. UNISS offers several undergraduate, graduate, master and PhD level courses, in all the 14 Areas of activity, published by the National University Council of Italy (CUN – Consiglio Universitario Nazionale): Mathematics and Computer Sciences - Physics - Chemistry - Earth Sciences - Biology - Medicine - Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences - Civil Engineering and Architecture - Industrial and Information Engineering - Ancient History, Philology, Literature and Art History - History, Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology - Law - Economics and Statistics - Political and Social Sciences.
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The University of Sassari, being deeply rooted in a complex island environment in the heart of the Mediterranean, has decided to focus on the internationalization of education and research. This approach aims at fostering the acquisition of skills (which are exploitable in the labour market) and the employability of its graduates through policies centred on international exchange and mobility. The University has participated in the Erasmus programme since the beginning of the ’90s, study and training abroad being an integral part of its curricula.
There have been relevant efforts in order to foster exchange opportunities through the following measures:
Adoption of University Regulations for student international mobility, in compliance with the requirements of the Bologna Process.

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